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Citrix - How to Share the XML Service Port in MetaFrame XP and 3.0

Citrix states in their article: CTX670965

1. The Citrix XML Service should not be listed as a service under Control Panel/Services. If it is:

A. Stop the Citrix XML Service.

B. From a command prompt, type ctxxmlss /u. This unregister the service, which deletes the service from Services.

2. Ensure these three files exist in the InetPub\scripts directory:

• ctxxmlss.txt

• clm.dll

• wpnbr.dll

3. Stop and restart the IIS Admin Service or reboot the server.

4. Verify that port 80 is now being shared.

A. Log on to the Citrix Management Console.

B. On the Servers tab, select the server in question.

C. Right click and go to Properties.

D. Select the MetaFrame Settings tab. The Citrix XML Service section lists the TCP/IP port as "Sharing with IIS."

5. Check the NFuse.properties file on the Web server under systemroot/java/trustlib. Make sure that port 80 is registered here also. The line containing this information should look like:


If this line does not refer to port 80, change to port 80 and stop and restart the IIS Admin Service. The Citrix XML Service is now sharing port 80 with IIS.

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