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How You Can Get the Best Pork Sausage

This is how to get your own “homemade” pork sausage and/or “hoop” cheese, either by purchasing it yourself or getting it shipped to you, if you don’t live within driving distance.

You, too, can have some of the best pork sausage of the “homemade” variety that you ever tasted.  I can tell you where to get it or I will get it for you!  It comes from Mac’s General Merchandise in Benson or Dunn, NC.  Honestly, I don’t know which town they belong in.  The store is out in the country and may have one town’s telephone number and one town’s address.  I’m not sure.  I just know how to get there from my house.   They make it fresh at the store and sell it in bulk, weighed out for you, or in links about 10” long.  It can be bought as “mild” or “hot”.  It is semi-dry, but refrigerated when you buy it.  The manager of the store tells me that the government makes them keep it refrigerated now.  I can’t tell you when this law changed, but it has to have been recently, because it has not been long since I could walk in any of the country stores around this part of the state of NC and find it hanging from a wooden pole in various stages of drying.  Most people, according to the manager, don’t want it really dry, anyway.  We buy it for special occasions when we get together as a family, such as when we go camping together.  We also buy those really good frozen “homemade” biscuits to eat with the sausage. 

To cook the sausage, we buy the links and cut it into short pieces about 2 inches long and put into a frying pan over low to medium heat.  High heat will cause it to burn and not be done through and through.  I find the heat should be as low as can be and you use a lid over the pan.  Let it cook slowly!  You can tell when it’s done by how the meat begins to push out of the casing at the ends and by the golden brown color it takes on.  Cooked too long will cause the sausage to shrink too much, with too much of the fat cooking out of it.  After all, sausage is made with a lot of fat in it.  To try to take the fat out of it by continuing to cook it too long, will make it tough and not easy to eat.  If you’re scared of fat and cholesterol, then this sausage is not for you.  If you long for that good old taste of country sausage that you might have been accustomed to in your youth, then this is it.

If you’re willing to pay me for my trouble, I can get it for you and ship it to you.    I have to drive about 20 miles, roundtrip, to get it and then about 4 miles roundtrip to mail it, so, of course, you would have to pay a premium price plus postage in order to induce me to do this for you.  This is not ebay and I have no affiliation with the store or it’s owner or manager.  I just like the sausage.  They also carry that good old “hoop” cheese, sold by the pound that you might have gotten used to when growing up.  I don’t currently have a price on the cheese.  It, too, can be shipped without refrigeration, although if it goes through warm temperatures, it might grow some mold while in transit.  I just shipped some to a friend in TX around Thanksgiving and he said it had a “mustache” of mold, which he simply scraped off. 

The sausage, I think, can be shipped safely for a day or two without worry, especially in cool weather, keeping in mind that farmers used to hang it in the smokehouse all year long, eating it at will and without refrigeration.  I, of course, don’t offer any guarantees.  I’m just trying to see if there are people out there who would like to get their hands on some of this good sausage and don’t know how to.

I will sell you some for $5.10 per pound with a minimum 5-pound minimum.  That will allow me a little over $12 from which I will have to buy my gas to do this for you, so I am not trying to get rich from this.  In fact, the store does not even know that I am making this offer.  You will also have to cover my postage and provide some extra for boxing it up.  If you want and it would make you feel better, I can freeze it in my freezer before I ship it.  I have heard that some of the local barbeque restaurants ship frozen barbeque anywhere in the states and that it is just beginning to thaw after a 3-day trip.  I think they might pack Styrofoam around it.  I don’t think that is necessary for the sausage. 

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